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What it is: A raw blend of 3 immune boosting superfoods and powerful vitamins & minerals with immune enhancing functions.

Why we made this: The best defense is maintaining proper nourishment daily. We wanted an all-natural product with scientifically proven immune enhancing benefits. So we took 3 raw superfoods and the best available vitamins and minerals, and put them in a convenient (vegan) capsule to be taken daily. No added ingredients or fillers and (as always) nothing artificial. 

How to Use: Take 2 capsules by mouth each day.

All-Natural Immune Boost.

Why a Daily Immune Boost?

The body's immune system requires proper nourishment each day, and some of the most important nutrients are hard to get from food. With widely researched and scientifically proven ingredients, just 2 capsules a day will keep you at your best.

Honest Ingredients.

Nature's strongest immune boosting superfoods combined with powerful vitamins & minerals proven to enhance immunity.


Potent immunity and antiviral properties*


Extremely rich in vitamin C and antioxidants*


Enhances white blood cell count and boosts immune system*

Vitamin A.

Regulates cellular immune response & boosts defense against multiple diseases*

Vitamin C.

Supports the body's cellular function and contributes to immune defense*

Vitamin D.

Difficult to get from food, this micronutrient modulates the body's immune responses*

Vitamin E.

Essential nutrient (especially in the elderly) with an ability to modulate host immune functions*


Essential for immune function, this trace element also stimulates antiviral immunity*


Lowers oxidative stress, reduces inflammation and enhances immune response*


Essential nutrient known for its role in alerting the body's immune response*

The Difference.

The product we wanted simply didn't exist; a daily immune boost made from the best whole foods and the vitamins & minerals essential to our body's immune functions.

✓ More Elderberry
✓ Non-GMO
✓ No Added Ingredients
✓ High Potency
✓ Nutrient Dense
✓ Natural Antioxidants
✓ Natural Immune Booster
X Sugar
X Artifical Flavors or Colors

Customer Reviews

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Mary Meeks
Immune health

I really like the immune health. It has been good for me, so much so that my husband also asked for some!!

Kami McHardy
Great Product!

I have food allergies and have not been as strict as usual. However, side affects have been minimized I think due to this product. My immune system has been strong even though my family around me have gotten sick.

The Best!

Favorite Company with best naturally derived vitamins!

Randy Daybell
Really makes a difference.

This is the only essential supplement we take.

Erica Mattox

Easy to take.

Jessica Halstead

Great product