Immune & Mighty Milk Bundle

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What it is: Save when you bundle the Immune Booster & Mighty Milk.

Why we made this: We wanted all-natural products with scientifically proven benefits for our children. Each product is made from a base of superfoods and the best natural ingredients and flavors. The Immune Booster is a convenient straight-to-mouth powder and the Mighty Milk is a tasty powder that mixes easily with milk or a milk substitute. No added ingredients or fillers and (as always) nothing artificial. 

How to Use:
Mighty Milk - Mix 1-2 scoops with 8-12oz of milk or milk substitute.
Immune Booster - Tear stick pack near top. Pour directly into mouth.

Customer Reviews

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Zasil Zepeda
Love it!

My daughters love it for the flavor, I love it for the ingredients!

Ian Priddle

You guys are great! Great Products and customer service!

Madeline Budde

My kids have been sipping this up through their straws!!!! They absolutely love it!

Shan robertson

The milk is good my son loves it but still havnt recieved my order that was made 24 days ago. Which is really frustrating since we ordered it in we thought enough time before we ran out but ran out a while ago now and still waiting...

Olivia M
Mighty Chocolate Milk

My kids love this and it helps our veggie intake! LOVE this product so much. It is delicious.

Hannah Danen
Signs for it

Our son, who uses ASL ( American Sign Language) and makes up his own signs, will show us his sign for his “shakes”. He’s not a big eater so we have to supplement his diet with nurished shakes. He loves LOVES nurished! And we love that it’s full of clean ingredients!!!!