Vegan Mighty Chocolate Milk

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What it is: A plant-based chocolate milk powder for kids. 8g of organic pea protein, 15 organic spinach leaves, and 2 billion probiotics for a healthy tummy. All-natural, organic sweeteners and flavors for a yummy taste kids love.

Why We Made This: We listened to YOU. We received thousands of requests for a plant-based alternative to our Mighty Chocolate Milk. We set out to create a vegan chocolate milk that tastes delicious, contains plant-based protein essential for growing bodies, and is made from organic ingredients. We then added greens they can't taste & probiotics for a healthy tummy. Lastly, we carefully selected the best organic flavors & sweeteners for a taste even the pickiest of kids will love.

How to Use: (Ages 4+) Mix 2 scoops (ages 1-3 mix 1 scoop) with 8oz of your favorite milk substitute. Mixes best when shaken or frothed.

Ages 2-3: 1/2 Serving
Ages 4+:
1 Serving

A chocolate milk powered by plant protein.

Organic Ingredients




Essential for Growing Bodies.

Protein is the one of the most common deficiencies among kids and vegetables aren't always their favorite. We've made a chocolate milk that provides protein, spinach leaves, and a taste kids love.

Honest Ingredients.

8g Plant Protein.

Essential for growth & most kids don't get enough. Completely organic & entirely from plants.

Organic Spinach Leaves.

Nutrient dense greens that your kids can't taste. Did we mention they're organic?

2 Billion Probiotics.

A healthy tummy is the foundation for overall health, so we added probiotics AND digestive enzymes.

The Difference.

Protein. Probiotics. Greens. Not your average chocolate milk

Vegan Mighty Milk  vs  Chocolate Milk

8g Pea Protein   vs   less than 1g X
Probiotics    vs   None X
Organic Spinach    vs   None X
Organic Flavors    vs   Artificial X
Great Taste    vs   Great Taste
Vegan    vs   Dairy-Based X

Customer Reviews

Based on 1197 reviews
Megan Nelson

Excellent product

John Gavin
Great shake!

My son loves these shakes!

Brittany Walker
Kids Milk

5 star! Son loves it! And I have no problems feeding him something so pure and nutritious ✅ he looks forward to his chocolate/ strawberry milk first thing in the morning and his SUPER JUICE! In the afternoon :D staple in his diet! Just wish prices were a little more lower or more coupons to help us out ❤️ 🙏🏼

Jenny Johnson
A staple in our home

We love the chocolate and trust the ingredients, it’s become a staple in our home. We make sure to always have it at hand. Not just for our littles but the whole family loves it.

Lindsey Webb
Huge hit with my boys!!

My two sons, who are about to turn 4 and 6, LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!! They are picky eaters and don’t like pediasure or carnation. I love that this is so nutrient dense without the added sugar and unnecessary additives! I tasted it and it’s delicious! They enjoy mixing their milk up after dinner as a special treat. We will definitely be retuning customers! I’ve recommended this to all my Mama friends as well.

Leah Bushnell
Picky kid

My kids love this drink! It definitely helps fill in their nutritional gaps and is way healthier than pediasure.