Kids Complete Daily

Kids Complete Daily

Kids Complete Daily

15 Stick Packs in a Carton

4 whole foods. 17 vitamins and minerals. 1 stick pack.

A once daily drink mix full of nutrients from whole fruits and veggies. Boosted with vitamins and minerals expertly formulated to aid in kids healthy development.

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More than just a gummy.

17 Vitamins & Minerals


No Added Sugar

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Colors


Whole Food


A whole lot of whole food.

We care about whole food! Every single stick pack has over 6.5 grams of real fruits and veggies. Similar whole food products average LESS than 1 gram. How? We use freeze-dried whole food powders to maximize real fruit and veggies!

each stick pack includes whole food equivalents of...

Juice of 2/3 Blood Orange.
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • Immunity boost
  • Naturally occurring antioxidants

Juice of 5 Baby Carrots.
  • Nutrient dense
  • Rich in beta carotene
  • Assists in healthy skin and eye development

5 Spinach Leaves.
  • Superfood with essential nutrients
  • Rich in flavonoids
  • Good source of antioxidants

1/4 Apple.
  • Great source of fiber
  • Rich in boron for healthy bones
  • Naturally occurring antioxidants

17 essential vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin A.

450 mcg RAE | 50% DV

Beta Carotene for healthy eyes, skin, and antioxidants*

Vitamin C.

90 mg | 100% DV

Powerful antioxidant and immunity booster*

Vitamin D.

20 mcg | 100% DV

Aids in bone health and calcium absorption*

Vitamin B6.

1.7 mcg | 100% DV

Supports brain function and helps improve mood*

Vitamin B12.

2.4 mcg | 100% DV

Supports heart health and helps to maintain energy levels*

Convenience is Key.

Buy one. Buy many. Or subscribe and we’ll send one each month. We’ve raised kids, we value convenience as much as clean health.