So much more than chocolate milk.

Why we made this.

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Honest Ingredients.

8g Protein.

Essential for growth & most kids don't get enough. Whey is a complete protein with amino acids.

15 Spinach Leaves.

Nutrient dense greens that your kids can't taste. Did we mention they're organic?

2 Billion Probiotics.

A healthy tummy is the foundation for overall health, so we added probiotics AND digestive enzymes.

Don't just take our word for it.

My kiddo loves chocolate milk, but he REALLY LOVES this chocolate milk! What’s even better is it’s nutrition! Amazing!

Amanda Claiborne

My kid asks for his “new milk” every day! Easy to mix up and packed with nutrition. Not chalky or gross at all!

Amber Gilsdorf

Mighty Chocolate Milk

Smoothie Recipe.

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Real Ingredients.

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