Collagen Blend

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What it is: A premium blend of bovine collagen (type I & III), olive leaf extract, biotin, and essential beauty-boosting vitamins. Odorless, tasteless, & all-natural.

Why we made this: As we age, our bodies produce less collagen each year, making supplementation an important step in vibrant skin, healthy hair, and strong nails and joints. We started with premium grass-fed collagen peptides & added in some of Mother Nature's best anti-aging & damage-reversing ingredients for a powerful all-in-one blend.

How to Use: Mix 1 scoop with 8oz of water or your favorite juice or smoothie. Enjoy.

Mother Nature's Collagen Blend.

Clean, Grass-fed, Bovine Collagen.

Not all collagen sources are created equal. Ours comes from certified pasture-raised, grass fed cows in Idaho. Each serving contains 10g of protein, olive leaf extract, biotin, and vitamins A & E. More than just healthy joints, hair & nails, these powerful ingredients can also help reverse the signs of aging and protect against future UV damage.

Some collagen products come with added flavors and colors. We chose to keep ours raw and unaltered. Our collagen is hydrolyzed, which makes it easy to stir into a variety of liquids. Mix with your favorite juice or smoothie and you'll barely notice this odorless, tasteless powder.

4 Essential Supplements,
1 Unique Powder.

Joint support, healthy hair, clear skin and strong nails. This tasteless powder has it all.

2 Types of Collagen.

Type I & III bovine collagen from grass fed cows for healthy joints, hair, skin and nails*

Olive Leaf Extract.

Protects skin from damage and helps reverse signs of aging*


The ultimate B vitamin for healthy hair & nails*

Vitamins A & E.

Promotes healthy skin from within while protecting against UV damage*

Customer Reviews

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LaTasha M.
Collagen Blend

Just started using it and can't wait to see the benefits of its use. A few friends have praised this product for how healthy their hair and skin now feel.

So far, so good!

Just received the collagen last week + have no complaints thus far! I mix it into my protein shakes every morning, but have not yet tried it in any other drink type to see if it mixes in well. Can’t wait to see/ feel the benefits of healthy hair, skin, nails, + joints!

Kathie Hobbs
Power for skin, nails and hair.

I like this collagen powder. I mix it in my morning tea. It dissolves completely, doesn’t leave an after taste and works will with my digestive system. I’m going to try it in my breakfast drink next!

Lynn G
Happy collagen customer

I put this collagen in my black coffee to start my day and I enjoy the mild flavor, it doesn’t overpower my coffee! I also appreciate the simple ingredients!

Annie S
My skin feels healthier and more hydrated

I love that this product contains collagen, vitamins, biotin and olive leaf extract, saves me money so I don’t have to buy 4 supplements.

Corinna Brown
Love it

It mixes well and is great with a little sugar free flavoring mixed with it (or juice)

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