Immune & Mighty Milk Bundle

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What it is: Save when you bundle the Immune Booster & Mighty Milk.

Why we made this: We wanted all-natural products with scientifically proven benefits for our children. Each product is made from a base of superfoods and the best natural ingredients and flavors. The Immune Booster is a convenient straight-to-mouth powder and the Mighty Milk is a tasty powder that mixes easily with milk or a milk substitute. No added ingredients or fillers and (as always) nothing artificial. 

How to Use:
Mighty Milk - Mix 1-2 scoops with 8-12oz of milk or milk substitute.
Immune Booster - Tear stick pack near top. Pour directly into mouth.

Customer Reviews

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Carlee Zuech

The nourished chocolate milk I bought for my little guy is really yummy and makes me feel good that there isn’t just sugar and chocolate in it.

Amber Schumacher
My kids go crazy for this!

My littles are both on the small/petite side of things and I’ve seen them both put on a little healthy weight in the month we’ve been using this. Not to mention they both LOVE IT and my 23 month old goes crazy for his “Mighty Milk” - he is working on saying words but that’s one phrase he knows exactly how to say and ask for!

Oh, and don’t mess around, get the hand held mixer - game changer.

Ordering more tonight ahead of my subscription. 10/10

Pavithra Yellamelli

Mighty Chocolate Milk

Cait Carpenter
A great options for my kiddos

I have trouble getting my 3 year old to eat breakfast, so this is a great option to add to a smoothie with a banana and whole milk to give her something nutritious. Both of my kids love it

Rachel Pond

Mighty Chocolate Milk

Mariah Marcum
Kids love the flavors

Perfect to get some probiotics in and the twins really like the flavors. Strawberry is the best!