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Super Juice Flavor
Mighty Milk Protein Type

What it is: Our 3 most popular products -  A Mighty Chocolate Milk (dairy-based or plant-based), Super Juice (Tropical Orange or Fruit Punch), & Immune Booster.

Why we made this: We wanted all-natural products with scientifically proven benefits for our children. Each product is made from a base of superfoods and the best natural ingredients and flavors. We made 2 versions of our Mighty Milk, dairy-based & plant-based, ensuring all children are able to get the protein they need with a flavor they'll love. We wanted something better than a gummy vitamin, our 2 Super Juice flavors combine essential vitamins & minerals with nutrient-dense whole foods. The Immune Booster is a convenient straight-to-mouth powder packed with whole foods.

How to Use:
Mighty Milk - Mix 1-2 scoops with 8-12oz of milk or milk substitute.
Super Juice - Mix 1-2 scoops with 8oz of water.
Immune Booster - Tear stick pack near top. Pour directly into mouth.

Customer Reviews

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Tara Summers
So grateful for this product!

My toddler loves this stuff and looks forward to it.
Plus it helped solved his tummy troubles 💖💖

Jacqueline Lemmerman

My kids like this and I do too! I actually add a scoop to my coffee in the mornings. I love the added nutrients it offers.

Katrina Fox
Mighty Chocolate Milk

My kids love this! We wanted a healthier alternative to chocolate milk and this has been it!

Kayla Gregg
Chocolate shake.

My daughter loves it. Very happy with it

Tina Rothe
Delicious even for adults

I bought this thinking it would be nasty tasting but it is actually very good. If it is healthy for children I figure it will be healthy for adults. It is a great breakfast drink in the morning.

Justin Dessa
Kids love it

Best way to sneak veggies and some extra protein