Superfood + Multivitamin

Superfood + Multivitamin

Mighty Chocolate Milk

Mighty Chocolate Milk

Nourish & Balance

Nourish & Balance

Superfood + Multivitamin

15 Stick Packs | Blueberry Punch

Why We Made This: We're parents, we get it. It's a battle to get our kids to eat their veggies. We needed more than just a gummy vitamin, so we put together real fruits and veggies, antioxidants, and 17 vitamins and minerals specifically formulated for growing bodies. Did we mention it tastes amazing?

How to Use: Mix 1 stick with 8oz water. Mix well. Enjoy. (Ages 2-3 use 1/2 stick pack)

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Real Fruits and Veggies + 17 Essential Vitamins and Minerals.

No artificial anything

whole food


More than just a gummy vitamin.

Essential vitamins and minerals formulated for growing bodies. Fruits and veggies for real nutrients and antioxidants. Naturally flavored with a taste kids love.

Honest Ingredients.

Fruits, vegetables, and essential vitamins & minerals for growing bodies.

15 blueberries.

Nature's king of all-natural antioxidants

4 strawberries.

A powerful multivitamin from Mother Nature

Beet Juice.

A natural variety of vitamins and minerals

17 Vitamins & Minerals.

Carefully selected for growing bodies

The Difference.

Real fruits and veggies for growing bodies, does your gummy vitamin do that?

Real Fruits & Fruit Extracts
17 Vitamins & Minerals
X Dyes
X Fillers
X Artificial Flavors

Who This Helps.

Nurished is building a community of givers. As a Benefit Corporation, we're committed to transparency, ethical business practices, and giving back. This quarter we are donating 2% of all revenue to helping refugees in our local community in Utah. Feel good about Nurishing your body, feel even better about helping others too! For more info about our giving efforts click here.