Product Questions.

These can be consumed in a variety of ways. Some of our favorites are blending into our morning smoothie, mixing with juice, sprinkling over yogurt, or even just mixing with water (if you're feeling extra organic). They can be taken daily as a boost to your current and future health.

Because of the all goodness packed inside (protein & spinach leaves), it generally mixes best when shaken and not stirred. We recommend a battery powered frother wand.

Adding a little more liquid or less powder helps as well!

Milk generally tastes best and provides additional protein. A milk substitute like almond or soy milk works great as well. Another delicious option is adding to a simple smoothie. Our favorite recipe is just 5 ingredients. Milk, scoop of mighty chocolate milk powder, peanut butter, banana, and ice.

Yes. We've tried to create a selection of unique products with unique ingredients. However, some products contain an overlap of vitamins and minerals. For example, both the Kid's Immune Booster and the Superfood + Multivitamin contain 100% DV of Vitamin C for kids 4+.  Please be mindful so as to not exceed what the FDA deems as the "Upper Tolerable Limit "(amount not to be exceeded daily) for each vitamin and mineral. 

No way. Only what Mother Earth provides.

Our fruits and veggies come from all over the world. We are constantly in search of the best suppliers, farmers and whole foods to provide you with the cleanest and best product possible. 

Right here in the USA.

Yes. All vitamins and minerals have been dosed according to the FDA's guidelines for recommended daily intake. All adult products are made almost entirely from whole foods, and thus safe to take every day.

Kids ages 2 and up may consume our products. Many products list a half serving for kids ages 2-3 and a full serving for kids ages 4+. Please be mindful of the vitamin and mineral intake suggested by the FDA for your child's age. 

Returns and Exchanges.

You should have received a shipping confirmation email when your product shipped. Click on the link embedded in the email for a real time update on your order. If you can’t find the email that we sent, log in to your account to view your order status. Still no luck? Reach out! hello@nurished.com