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What it is: A natural immune booster for kids. Made from elderberries, acerola cherries, vitamin C, & zinc with nothing harmful.

Why We Made This: Our kids were getting sick A LOT (the average child "catches" 8-10 common colds each year). When looking for ways to boost their immunity we found sugary liquids and gummies with questionable ingredients. We wanted a natural option made from real ingredients and nothing harmful.

How to Use: Tear stick pack near top. Pour directly into mouth. Enjoy.

Ages 2-3: 1/2 Serving
Ages 4+:
1 Serving

Mother Nature's Cough Medicine & Immune Boost.

No artificial anything

Whole food


3x more Elderberry in every serving.

Why a straight-to-mouth powder? It's simple. It's difficult to put a sufficient amount of whole foods into a small gummy and syrups are often high in sugar or artificial ingredients. Every stick pack is loaded with real ingredients and only natural flavors & colors.

Honest Ingredients.

4 of the best natural immune boosters on earth.


A natural immune booster and cough medicine


One of nature's most potent sources of Vitamin C

Vitamin C.

Fights free radicals and improves immune system function


Strengthens immune system and boosts overall health

The Difference.

Nothing artificial here. Our tried and true all natural cold and flu remedy.

Real Fruits & Fruit Extracts
X Dyes
X Fillers
X Artificial Flavors

Customer Reviews

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Tasty and easy

My 6 year old won’t swallow pills so this is a great option to get those vitamins in him! He has yet to get a cold this school year! I think this has helped forsure to keep his immune system strong

Anne S
My daughter loves these

My 6 year old daughter loves these immunity boosters. Wish there was a bigger package so it lasts for 2-3 months.

Shanan T
Customer for life!

The perfect blend of vitamins for boosting the little one’s immune systems. We don’t miss a morning and I feel they have helped keep my kids healthier, especially during the fall/winter months! Took some getting used to at first but now the kids love the flavor. My husband and I have even jumped on board also!

Larissa Schmitz
Surprisingly good

I wasn't sure how my kids would feel about taking it, but we've been calling it a pixie Stix and they happily take it and say yum!

Hallie Mills
Immunity pixi stix

My kids feel like I’m letting them have candy every morning, jokes on them! We’ve been able to stay healthy the first half of the school year and I feel like we owe it to the immune booster!

Gracielle Baul
Grateful MOM here!!!

My son is excited each day to take his vitamins and even asks for more every time! :) I’m just really thankful to have found this product that is both healthy and fun for my son!

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