Vegan Mighty Milk

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What it is: A plant-based chocolate milk powder for kids. 9g of organic pea protein, organic spinach leaves, complete multivitamin, and 2 billion probiotics for a healthy tummy. Did we mention the yummy, natural, taste kids love?

Why We Made This: We listened to YOU. We received thousands of requests for a plant-based alternative to our Mighty Milk. We set out to create a vegan chocolate milk that tastes delicious, contains plant-based protein essential for growing bodies, and is made from organic ingredients. We then added greens they can't taste & probiotics for a healthy tummy. Lastly, we carefully selected the best organic flavors & sweeteners for a taste even the pickiest of kids will love.

plant-powered protein for kids.


of protein.


of sugar.


vitamins & minerals.

it's all in here.

✔ Growth Support

✔ Brain Development

✔ Gut Health

✔ Fruits & Veggies

✔ Immune Support

✔ Digestion

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Customer Reviews

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Michele Hojas
Helped Autistic son

My son is very picky eater and has sensory issues also. We were struggling to his weight so much. But this has started helping us a lot. He's even happier with his mood also. Only tried the strawberry so far as it's his favorite flavor over everything lol. But we love this so much. I will be trying the juice mix next.

Brooke Shivers

My daughter likes it so far!


Kids LOVE the taste of this milk. Both my children are autistic and don't eat too much (food avoidant). This helps to give me peace of mind that they're getting nutrients despite the lack of fruits and vegetables in their day-to-day diets.


Got this for my 2 year old, she is starting to refuse a lot of breakfast foods. I give it to her in her morning milk. It’s nice to know she’s still getting a lot of nutrients. She loves it

La Rios

I have the mighty milk chocolate. Reminds of the powered chocolate milk i drank when i was a kid. My 2.5 year does drink the product. But notices the difference from the use of syrup. I sift the powder in the milk so it doesn't get stuck together and it works. My little one mostly likes the milk and i will continue to use for the purpose of the nutrients and less sugar contents

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