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What it is: A delicious & healthy drink mix for kids. Each serving is packed with Mother Nature's best whole foods & natural ingredients.

Why we made this: We're parents - we get it. It's hard to make sure our kids get the nutrients they need every day. We wanted more than just a gummy vitamin, something that used real ingredients & provides real nutrition. We found that a powdered drink mix was the best way to provide kids with fruits & veggies and the vitamins & minerals they need every day.

How to Use: Ages 4+ mix 2 scoops and ages 2-3 mix 1 scoop with 8oz of water. Shake well. Enjoy.

Real Fruits & Veggies + 17 Essential Vitamins & Minerals.

No artificial anything

Whole food



Orange, banana, mango, peach, lemon, pineapple, acerola cherry, apple, carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash, pumpkin, pepper.


Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, pomegranate, grape, plum, yumberry, watermelon, sweet cherry, guava, cranberry, acerola cherry, beet, tomato, red pepper, red bell pepper.

The Difference.

Real fruits and veggies for growing bodies, does your gummy vitamin do that?

Real Fruits & Fruit Extracts
17 Vitamins & Minerals
X Dyes
X Fillers
X Artificial Flavors

Customer Reviews

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Amber Schumacher
Kids like it!

We got the orange super juice and the kids really enjoy having a glass of this, especially when we run out of orange juice. I would much prefer them to drink this because of how low the sugar content is. We love the two products we’ve tried so far, just placed an order for a refill plus two more to try!

Great to add to juices.

I will start by saying that I don't reccomend just adding this to water, it isn't very good by itself. I use Greater Than (coconut water with fruit juice) because it has no added sugar, then add a scoop of this to it to enhance flavor and nutrients. I use a small whisk to stir it as it doesn't dissolve well and can leave clumps or settle to the bottom. Once I figured out how I like to use it, I love it! About to order another bag.

Rubiann Brannon
Great stuff

My son loves it! Best addition to his routine

Sarah Anderson
Super Juice

I have 3 children(12, 7, 3) that each love the super juice. We have the orange flavor and the fruit punch and they love both flavors! We will continue to purchase super juice!

Kristin Jack
Kids Love Both Flavors!

Nurished products have been a life-changer for us. Kids love both flavors of the Super Juice. Will be buying for a long time!

Stephanie Godfrey
my kids love it

I add a scoop to my kids apple juice in the AM and they LOVE it!

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